Premises Liability

New York property owners have an obligation to keep their land and  buildings land safe for the public and those who conduct their business there.  These laws were put in place to encourage property owners to keep their land and buildings up-to-date to prevent personal injury incidents. 

When property owners fail to follow these laws, innocent people may suffer debilitating personal injuries that can negatively impact their quality of living for the rest of their lives.  The attorneys at Leonard & Cummings, LLP have the experience to hold property owners accountable in the event a property owner neglects these life-saving laws.

Premise Liability Case Types

A wide range of cases are covered by premises liability, and it is important to work with attorneys who have experience in the area related to your claim.  Leonard & Cummings, LLP is well versed in the following case types:

  • Lack of Proper Security
  • Stairway Accidents
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Defective Sidewalks/Drives
  • Improper Snow/Ice Removal

Injuries Caused in Premise Liability Cases

Premises liability cases may not cause as much visible damage as larger accident cases such as and automotive accident, but the damages incurred can be just as debilitating and leave damage victims that can last a lifetime.  These damages can be burns, broken bones, neck and head injuries, spinal cord injuries and more.

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