Insurance Litigation

An insurance policy is just like any other contract, containing provisions and a complexity of language that is often times difficult to interpret.  Disputes often arise due to the complex nature of these contracts resulting in fraud or bad faith practices.

If the terms of your policy have not been followed by either an insurance provider or a policy holder, it is imperative that you work with experienced insurance litigation lawyers who know how to review the terms of your policy and assess the liabilities or damages you may be facing.

Strong Representation is Key to a Strong Defense

Leonard and Cummings, LLP has earned a reputation for aggressive insurance litigation in a wide range of cases throughout New York State by both clients and fellow attorneys.  The key to a strong defense in the courtroom is preparation and presentation, both of which our attorneys have vast experience with when it comes to preparing for insurance litigation cases.

Our attorneys have experience with the following insurance litigation cases:

Employing Knowledge and Strategy for Quick Results

Our attorneys are on the forefront of issues key to coverage disputes and insurance defense.  We stay on top of the constantly changing regulations and procedures in the insurance industry to achieve the best results for our clients in the courtroom.  Our clients have the advantage of drawing on the experience of our attorneys whose aggressive representation and strategic navigation of regulations works towards a fast solution rather than a drawn out legal process.

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